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Christianisation, economic livelihood and empowerment are the primary targets of our global initiatives which are firmly anchored to produce valuable attitude, words, actions and relationships with all men.

Segun Benson
President and Head of Missions

Mr Segun Benson

About Mr. Segun Benson

Mr. Segun Benson is the Visioner, President and Head of Missions for Christian Missions for Welfare and Transformation.

His academic education in Hull College and Aston University in Birmingham as well as his professional training at Ulster Polytechnic (now Ulster University) as a Chartered Secretary and Administrator in the UK prepared him for his braid-based career as an Enterprise Extension Expert.

As a Minister of the gospel...

he has been a Minister and Sunday School Teacher for over 35 years in Pentecostal assemblies.

His lecturing career in Nigeria had been in the tertiary institutions which include being a Senior Lecturer at Babcock University, Ilishan, Nigeria. He is an author of at least five standard textbooks on entrepreneurship and small business management.

His other important publications include: The Dynamics of Small Business Incubation Facilities in Fadama Areas of Ogun State in Nigeria: A Sustainable Anti-Poverty Device plus Small Business Incubation Facilities: A Composite System for Agro-Industrial Enterprise Development.

As a Consultant/Trainer, he is passionate about teaching entrepreneurship and small business management as away of facilitating an explosion of start-up entrepreneurs, particularly in the agribusiness and housing value-chain.

His consultancy and training experience of over 25 years covers the public and private sector organisations. He is a member of Ogun State Fadama Technical Committee: a World Bank Assisted Project in Ogun State.

He was an SME Skills Facilitator at the World Bank Assisted Agro-Processing, Productivity Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement Support (APPEALS) Project of Lagos State Government for five batches of trainees.

As a Consultant/Service Provider he produced the Trainees Instruction and Policy Guide for The Bayelsa Aquaculture Village Project, Yenagoa. Similarly, he produced the reports on The Monitoring and Implementation of Sub projects in Obafemi-Owode and Sagamu Local Government Councils of Ogun State.

He is currently the Visioner, President and Head of Missions of Christian Missions for Welfare and Transformation Intl., an organisation dedicated to economic livelihood and spiritual transformation of the rural people.

He has produced an interactive 81 teaching series based on verse-by-verse explanation of the Gospel of St. Matthew to serve as texts for teaching at the Training School for Christian Living and Moralities.

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