Self-employment and Creative Entrepreneurs Organisation

Training future entrepreneurs and building a self sustaining nation.

We are a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) dedicated to Research, Training and Development in entrepreneurship, Agribusiness, Housing Value Chain Development and Management.

The Core Goals and Activities of our organization are as follows:

- Small Business Incubation, Advocacy and Mentorship for Youths and Adults
- Enterprise Extension Service
- Support for Potential and Existing Entrepreneurs in Agribusiness and Housing value-Chains.
- Promotion of Knowledge in the Use of Organic Fertiliser / Supplement for Environment-Friendly Agricultural Practices among Smallholder Crops and Livestock Farmers.
- Stimulation of an Increase in the Available Housing Units through the use of Locally Available Raw Materials and Technologies for the Construction of Affordable Houses.
- Entrepreneurship Training and Economic Empowerment of Youths and Adults for Sustainable Enterprise Initiatives.

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